Running the Sample ProjectΒΆ

django-file-picker includes a sample project to use as an example. You can run the sample project like so:

~$ mkvirtualenv filepicker-sample
(filepicker-sample)~$ pip install "django>=1.8,<2.0"
(filepicker-sample)~$ git clone git://
(filepicker-sample)~$ cd django-file-picker/
(filepicker-sample)~/django-file-picker$ python develop
(filepicker-sample)~/django-file-picker$ cd sample_project/
(filepicker-sample)~/django-file-picker/sample_project$ ./ migrate
(filepicker-sample)~/django-file-picker/sample_project$ ./ createsuperuser
(filepicker-sample)~/django-file-picker/sample_project$ ./ runserver

Then go to the admin, log in, and add an Article Post. There will be 2 links to ‘Insert File’ and ‘Insert Image’ which will pop up the File Picker dialog.