The WYMeditor App

Included to make the intergration of File Picker with a popular WYSIWYG easy. WYMeditor is a javascript based editor, its documentation can be found here. This application offers an extra form widget for applying WYMeditor to a text field with buttons for files and images if desired.


class file_picker.wymeditor.widgets.WYMeditorWidget

To use the WYMeditorWidget override the desired form field’s widget. It takes in a dictionary with expected keys “image” and/or “file” these define which button is used to call the overlay, either an image or a paper clip icon respectively.

Example TextField Override

An example using a formfield_override in an admin class use WYMeditor and File Picker for each TextField in the form.

class PostAdmin(admin.ModelAdmin):
        formfield_overrides = {
            models.TextField: {
                'widget': file_picker.wymeditor.widgets.WYMeditorWidget(
                        'image': "images",
                        'file': "files",

        class Media:
            js = ("",)