Basic Setup

  1. Use or create a model for storing images and/or files. For simplicity here we will use the models in file_picker.uploads, Image and File.

  2. Use or create another model to contian the text field(s) to be inserted in by the picker. Here we will use the Post model from the sample_project.article. Which has two text fields, Body and Teaser.

  3. To use the pickers on both the teaser and body fields use a formfield_override to override the widget with the file_picker.widgets.SimpleFilePickerWidget:

    import file_picker
    from django.contrib import admin
    from sample_project.article import models as article_models
    class PostAdmin(admin.ModelAdmin):
        formfield_overrides = {
            models.TextField: {
                'widget': file_picker.widgets.SimpleFilePickerWidget(pickers={
                    'image': "images", # a picker named "images" from file_picker.uploads
                    'file': "files", # a picker named "files" from file_picker.uploads
        class Media:
            js = ("",), PostAdmin)

Simple File Picker Widget

class file_picker.widgets.SimpleFilePickerWidget

To use the simple file picker widget override the desired form field’s widget. It takes in a dictionary with expected keys “image” and/or “file” these define which link to use “Add Image” and/or “Add File”.

For an example of usage look at the.